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2023-2024 Meeting Schedule:

Our monthly meetings start at 2:00 PM.  


Currently, all of our meetings are being presented online via Zoom.

Sunday, October 8th, 2023

NOTE: This meeting will be conducted as a live online presentation via Zoom.  Once you register for the webinar (see below), you will receive email instructions providing details on how to access the talk. These will be sent on the day before the meeting.

Sun Kientz, "Eris, Pluto's Antidote and Guide to a Friendlier Future"
With Eris as big as Pluto, she has the savvy and gumption to resolve deep-seated, egocentric life and relationship issues. Either as Connector or Deflector, Eris tests one's social cred. Using chart examples of the famous (good, bad, and ugly), you'll see why your charts need Eris!

Sue Kientz, author of More Plutos (2015), has studied astrology since 1977 and specializes in the largest Dwarf Planets (Eris, Makemake, Haumea, Sedna, Gonggong, Quaoar, Orcus, and others). The discovery and subsequent revelation of the Dwarfs as valid astrological archetypes are a breakthrough for astrologers, Sue insists, that also leads to explanations of mysteries like secondary progression and how Astrology “works”, suggesting Astrology’s vindication is within reach. Visit to read free book chapters from More Plutos as well as her other published articles, Dwarf Planet keywords, and many fun facts.; E-mail:

You must register in advance to attend this lecture; cost is $5 for A.S.P. members/students, and $20 for non-A.S.P. members.  You can register for this online meeting webinar by pressing the button below:

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Sunday, November 12th, 2023


Sunday, December 10th, 2023

The annual A.S.P. Holiday Party.  Details TBA.


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